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How do I make a claim?

The easiest way to make a claim is by submitting a claim through the Pet Portal, but regardless of how you choose to claim, you no longer need a claim form.

To make a claim, you will need the following documentation:

  • Itemised invoice (a paid invoice that includes individual treatment items and costs adding up to the total amount paid)
  • Vet consultation notes, if you have them (these are the veterinarian’s medical notes from examination findings)

For the first claim we also require vet consultation notes for the life of your pet. If you adopted your pet at a later age, we will need documentation showing the date you took ownership. To help assist us with obtaining this vet history, you can also add your vet details in the Pet Portal.

You can submit your claim without vet consultation notes but in some cases, we may not be able to process your claim without them. If this is the case, we may need to contact you or your vet/s which may result in a delay in processing your claim.

If submitting a claim via post, the same documentation needs to be submitted as above. All claim documentation must be original for postal claims and it must be accompanied by a completed claim form, that must be signed by you and your vet.

How can I check if a treatment or condition is covered?

To know if an upcoming or specific treatment for your pet will be covered, you and your vet need to complete a pre-authorisation form prior to your pet receiving treatment.

Contact us so our team can send you a copy of the form to be completed by your vet, which will need to include the following:

to discuss.

To submit a pre-authorisation form you’ll need the following documentation:

  • An itemised cost estimate from your vet, for the upcoming treatment
  • Your pet’s full vet history, if you have not previously provided this to us
  • The completed pre-authorisation form

Once received, you can expect to hear back from us within two business days. If the treatment has already started, a claim should be submitted.

How can I check if a pre-existing condition is covered?

If your pet has been free of clinical signs, symptoms or recurrence of the pre-existing condition (or any condition/s arising directly from the pre-existing condition) for at least 18 months since the original policy commencement date, you may request a review of the condition’s exclusion from cover.

To arrange a pre-existing condition review, you and your vet can complete this form. We will require copies of your veterinary records for 18 months up to the completion date of this form.

Once completed, you can email the form back to us, your review may take up to 15 business days to be completed and you will be notified of the outcome in writing.

Are cruciate ligament conditions covered?

Dogs and cats have a cruciate ligament located in their knee that helps to stabilise the knee joint. Sometimes, the cruciate ligament can either partially or completely tear and it generally requires surgery to repair it.

Cruciate ligament conditions irrespective of cause or origin, are subject to a six (6) month waiting period unless we agree to waive it. To do this, we need to receive a completed and signed ‘Cruciate Ligament Exam Form*’ from your vet within 14 days of the cruciate examination date certifying that your pet has been examined, at your expense, on or after the policy commencement date. You can email, fax or mail the form, if we receive it within the 14-day timeframe. We will notify you of the outcome in writing. Refer to your PDS for further terms and conditions

*This form can be found in your welcome pack or you can download it here.

Why is my claim split into multiple claim numbers?

When you visit the vet, you may have several different treatments that happen in one visit – such as a vaccination and treatment for an ear infection.

While you may submit these in one claim, we need to process them per pet health condition type. This will make it easy for you to see which expenses have been covered and what documents we require to complete each individual claim.

You can also see your benefit amount for each condition and if any excess has been applied.

How is my claim benefit calculated?

As long as all the expenses you submit are eligible under your level of cover, we assess your claim at the benefit amount stated on your Certificate of Insurance (subject to any benefit limits, excess and exclusions).

The following calculations provide examples of how claims will be settled where cover is provided:

Example 1

80% Benefit Percentage with a Nil Excess

Total amount of eligible expenses paid by you to the vet


Total amount claimable after the 80% Benefit Percentage applied


Total reimbursement




Example 2

80% Benefit Percentage with a $100 Per Condition Excess*

Total amount of eligible expenses paid by you to the vet


Total amount claimable after the 80% Benefit Percentage applied


Less $100 Excess


Total reimbursement




*Excess is applied per condition, per policy period. Read more about excess.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

All claims should be submitted and received within 90 days of the relevant treatment being provided.

What is a per condition excess?

Excess means the first amount of a claim we do not pay and which you are required to pay yourself. If you have an excess on your policy, it will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

Having an excess on your policy will reduce your premiums and, if you make a claim, it will be deducted from your benefit for each condition treated during the policy period that is not related to any other condition treated during the same policy period.

For example, if your pet has an ongoing ear condition you will only be charged the excess once per policy period. However, if your pet then develops an eye infection it will have a separate excess.

See How is my claim benefit calculated? for an example of how a claim is calculated.

You can usually adjust your excess or change your level of cover at any time, unless you have made a claim. If you have made a claim in the current policy period, you can adjust your cover at renewal. Note: you will not be able to increase cover or remove an excess if your pet is over the age of 9.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

Claims are generally processed within 5-10 business days, if we have all the required documentation.

To ensure speedy processing of your claim, see How do I make a claim? to find out what documentation is required.

If the required documentation is not submitted with the claim, there may be a delay and we may need to contact you or your vet/s.

What are the claim requirements for adopted pets?

Generally, for the first claim we require vet consultation notes for the life of your pet.

If you can provide us with proof of adoption or transfer of ownership papers, we will only request vet documentation from that date onwards.

What if I have a complaint about my policy or a claim?

We hope that you never have reason to complain, but if you do we will do our best to work with you to resolve it. Our complaints resolution process has three steps.

1 – Immediate Response

Usually when you have a concern, we can resolve it immediately. Please contact us using one of the following means:

Phone: 1800 668 502
(Weekdays between 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST – except public holidays)

Writing: Customer Service Complaints
Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance
Locked Bag 9021
Castle Hill NSW 1765


Please supply your policy number to enable your enquiry to be dealt with promptly.

2 – Internal Dispute Resolution

If we haven’t resolved the matter to your satisfaction, we will escalate your complaint for review by our Internal Disputes Resolution team at your request. All escalated matters will be acknowledged within 2 business days of being escalated and resolved within 15 business days.

3 – External Dispute Resolution

In the unlikely event that your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, or a final response has not been provided within 45 days, you may be eligible to refer your matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), providing your matter is within the scope of the AFCA Rules. AFCA is an independent dispute resolution service provided free of charge. You may contact AFCA at:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority
Mail: GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1800 931 678

Some of my claims and documents are not visible on the portal.

We recently upgraded the Pet Portal to give customers more access to policy management and information.  We are still in the process of converting old claim information and documents into the improved Dashboard and My Claims format.

Rest assured this will be available soon! In the meantime, please contact us should you require a copy of your documents or claim details.

My Files won’t upload when making a claim in the portal

If you are trying to make a claim, it’s best that you use a jpeg or pdf file. Our system can’t accept word documents or txt files, or files that are over 10mb.

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